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CJPRSC 09.2010   |   Lechfeld AB   |   Germany

The Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course (CJPRSC) is designed to equip all participants with a thorough understanding of their roles and the tactics and techniques required for successful Personnel Recovery within a dynamic, multinational environment. Currently, CJPRSC is the only course of its kind in Europe. The course is typically divided into two stages; an academics phase and a flying phase. The academics phase provides a comprehensive understanding of the component parts that make up PR, from planning through to execution. The flying phase is complex. It requires the highest level of coordination for the safe execution of each mission. A typical mission involves the Air Mission Controller (AWACS aircraft) coordinating with fast jets providing top cover, and requires further liaison between with the fire support teams, the On Scene Commander, the attack helicopters (providing close-in fire support), and the Rescue Vehicles carrying the extraction forces to make the rescue.

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