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Recce Meet 04.2014   |   BA 118 Mont de Marsan   |   France

The recce Meet tradition began with the famous Royal Flush reconnaissance competition. This NATO exercise was inaugurated in 1968 at Lahr (Germany), and used to bring together recce units for an annual challenge. The 2014 recce meet took place from April 7th to 11th at the Armée de l’Air’s Base Aérienne 118 Mont de Marsan.

The objectives of the recce meet are to:
o  Study and practice the integration of recce in exercises designed to simulate allied operations
o  Practice mixed fighter operations in strike/recce roles against realistic ground/airborne assets

During the recce meet each squadron participating had to fly a total of five missions consisting of three different types:
o  Isolated mission with specific recce objectives
o  Combined Air Operation (COMAO)
o  Particular recce challenge with best sensors available

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