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Green Shield 04.2014   |   BA 133 NANCY   |   France

In April 2014 No 2 Squadron/7th wing of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force based at King Faisal Air Base deployed with four F-15C Eagle and two F-15D Eagle to the French air base BA133 Nancy, to take part in the French - Saudi Arabian exercise «Green Shield 2014». French assets included Mirage 2000D from BA 133 Nancy-Orchet, Mirage 20005-F from BA 116 Luxeuil, Rafale BA 113 fromSt. Dizier, EC725R-1 Caracal from BA 120 Cazaux, Alpha Jet E from A 102 Dijon and the E-3F AWACS from BA 702 Avord.
Mission types flown were COMAO (composite Air Operation) and CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) with a total of some 200 sorties and more than 300 flight hours in 24 missions.

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