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MCAS New River   |   USA

MCAS New River is a helicopter and tiltrotor base, currently home to MAG-26 and MAG-29 with a total of 13 squadrons. All East Coast MV-22B Osprey are based on MCAS New River. VMMT-204 Raptors is the Marine Corps' only squadron providing training to both Marine and Air Force Osprey pilots, Marine crew chiefs and units in the use and maintenance of the tiltrotor aircraft. All flight training for newly commissioned Naval Aviators, conversion pilots, refresher pilots, and enlisted aircrew in the CH-53E Super Stallion is the mission of HMHT-302 Phoenix. Current plans are to deactivate HMLA-467 by the end of 2016 and to start the transition from the AH-1W to the AH-1Z with HMLA-167 in 2017.

2016 / 01