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MCAS Cherry Point   |   USA

The sign at the gate of MCAS Cherry Point reads "Pardon our noise, it’s the sound of freedom". The noise comes from a wide variety of aircraft. Jets, propeller aircraft and helicopters in 12 squadrons share the base. MCAS Cherry Point is home to the last three of the HH-46E Pedro and the EA-6B Prowler, which are still in active duty with the US military. The HH-46E, used for Search And Rescue will stay in service until 2016, the SAR mission then will be returned to the US Coast Guard. The EA-6B will no longer fly from aircraft carriers but will be deployed on land bases to conduct Electronic Counter Measure Missions. According to current plans the last Prowler Squadron will deactivate in 2019. VMAT-203 conducts all AV-8B pilot training within the Marine Corps. Several times a year they deploy to MCAS Yuma for live bomb training.

2016 / 01